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  1. Please review or some pointers please on my website


    My website is at
    Im getting many visitors through different advertising, however my conversion ratio is horrible and i think its something to do with my website.

    Something im missing, or turning clients away.

    Something that should be there that isn't. Or something that is there that shouldn't be.

    Any tips would really be helpful. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Don't mean to be harsh but the website looks really outdated. If you're serious about it then get a decent design, I know someone had an ugly design and when relaunched with a new design they got 8 new sign ups in a week, compared to 2 each month.

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    You need complete redesign.

  4. Thanks for the comments..
    anywhere i can find a nice template or redesign service?
    Also - is it more advantageous to offer Windows and Linux hosting services? Does that bring in more clients?

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