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    Restricting users downloading more than 2 file at the same time

    Hi all

    I'm wondering id there is any way that I could restrict visitors from downloading more than 2 files at the same time. ( so when the user finish downloading one of them he or she might download the other). All the pages are HTML no Dynamic pages have been used ( php . asp ...etc). Is is possible to do by configuring apache? or is there other way ?

    The problem is I have more than 800 zip files. some visitors tries to download bulk of them at the same time. This causes a hang on server. by other word unfair distribution of knowledge (Its non-com website).

    I appreciate your help


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    Well you CAN limit 2 connections per ip to the server via a Firewall.. What OS are you on? If you are using ipfw, you can try:

    ipfw add 10 allow tcp from any to any dst-port 80 setup limit src-addr 2

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    google limitipconn I use it on my apache server

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    You can restrict bandwidth and connections per IP using also the mod_bandwidth

    good luck

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