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    Forum Customisation & Installation service - Possible sale

    Hi there,

    I may be interested in selling and just want to see if there is any interest out there for this service. It's a professional and reliable service which not only offers vB installation, but also installation of skins, modifications and hacks aswell as server transfers and forum ports (phpBB to vB for example). More recently I've also offered customised skin work, one of our completed skins is up for sale on the forum.

    I have recently renewed the license to an owned vB license, aswell as renewing both domains. In the past month this has had approximately $470 in revenue. All customers I have received have not come through any advertising I have done, and the advertising I have done has consisted of two forum posts.

    I'd like to discuss any query regarding this via PM please.

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    I am interested in the vb license if you find someone who just wants the company and already has a license.

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