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    free reseller on %basis

    Hello. Iīm new to all this, so I donīt know if what I am looking for is possible or not.
    I look for a hosting company that pays me COMISSIONS for reselling THEIR packages.
    That means I dont want an ordinary reseller account where I offer my own packages, pay a fee/month for the reseller account and the rest of money I keep for myself.
    I just want to offer my visitors packages of a good host. But I want to receive commissions for every signup.

    Is somebody interested? Is it possible? Please send me an email to [email protected]

    Thank You!


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    It seems like you're after a webhost that has an affiliate program.

    Basically the way they work is you refer clients to them, generally through the use of a special URL and you get a certain percentage of the hosting fee as commission for the referral.

    With this method the web host handles all technical support, billing, etc. and you get a small amount of money as commission.

    It certainly won't make you rich, but it might generate a few spare $ per month.

    Many web hosting companies have an affiliate program of some sort. You might want to try one of the advertising forums for better luck.


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    Yeah, that is it! I have big demand on hosting right now.

    Is there any type reselling account but like affiliate?
    I mean: I sell it like mine and get only 25%-50%? (= no monthly fee for reseller account)


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    Check out the reseller/affiliate sections of and

    One of those may be along the lines of what you are looking for.

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    Also, if you are looking for offers, post it in the hosting request forum. Hosts are not allowed to advertise here.


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    Originally posted by the_master
    Yeah, that is it! I have big demand on hosting right now.

    Is there any type reselling account but like affiliate?
    I mean: I sell it like mine and get only 25%-50%? (= no monthly fee for reseller account)
    Sell it like yours?

    Usually as an affiliate of someone else, you don't sell the product like yours, you sell it like the product of your partner who actually provides the hosting.

    Actually, usually, you don't sell the product at all, you just send your visitors to your partner's hosting website and earn a commission for each hosting sold by your partner to one of your users.

    I don't know any such affiliate program, but I guess it exists.

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    Reseller accounts have a higher return as the reseller themselves has to provide support for the end customer, under their own brandname. It's due to this support that the host can provide a big discount on their retail plans. Affiliate programs have a smaller return, as you're acting more as a salesman for their product, through recommendations or banners etc. Most hosts that run affiliate programs should now have it fairly well set up, with a control panel to check stats, and banners with code pre-written. (just copy and paste). The affiliate idea is for you to do the sales, and the host to do everything else. The result for you is either a flat fee for the first month, or an ongoing comission for the length of time the customer stays with the host.

    Some hosts even have 2 tier systems that allow for commission sales to be increased by having affiliates sign up under yourself.

    All in all affiliate systems are pretty advanced now, but they won't get you the same returns as reselling - albeit with a lot less work from yourself.

    Greg Moore
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    Is this what your looking for?

    Send your customers to a host.
    They sign up for the $19.95 monthly plan
    You receive a check for $5 per month, as long as the customer is hosted on that plan?

    The control panel is also unbranded, and has anonymous nameservers. So you could actually claim it as your own.

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