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    Please review my site

    Hi Guys

    I was wondering if you could review my hosting site

    Please name all the good and bad things about it

    Stuff i know already:

    A few Dead links
    I never finished the support forum
    Codings not 100% XHTML Valid
    Coding is not brilliant


    ps: I will take any critiscism you give me as im trying to improve the site and give a more proffesional buisnesss image

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    It's kind of bland, with a lot of blank white space.
    As a general design rule, you're not supposed to use more than 3 different fonts/font sizes.
    I'd definitely redo the coding by hand and make it compliant and a little bit neater/smaller. That'll help with the load time.

    Other than that I think it looks pretty nice. Good luck.
    Michael Chase
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    For a start it is better than my site! It does look like a template tho'

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    Too much white space. Make the boxes around the text darker not grayed out.

    Make the banner larger to fill the space or center it or something.

    Make the navigation buttons all one color or at least pick colors that don't give someone eye strain as in the FAQ and the HOSTING colors.

    In the Contact Us, do not use bold italic in a small font. It's difficult to read.

    Keep up the good work. It's coming together.

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    Thanks for replies guys

    Im redoing site this weekend new plans and prices so there more realistic

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    It definately could use some work.

    Just a couple of things really quick...

    1. Don't use the <iframe> to bring in your content - you don't need to. If you like the idea of including your content into a shell, consider using simple php includes. If you don't know how, do a search in google - it's really easy.

    2. The grey/blue border around your site could be done using css rather than images. This will make it look cleaner (as it won't break in certain areas like it is doing now) and descreases the load time.

    3. As was mentioned, watch the variations of the fonts. Try and keep them consistent.

    4. You shouldn't have to say "Best Viewed in Firefox". I notice there are issues when viewing it in IE, but they are issues you can manage/fix and then you wouldn't need to put people off who use explorer (which is still the most popular browser at the moment).

    5. Look into more effective ways to use images. As of right now, there are images everywhere except where the content is. You can make your images only contain what they have to and let the white background (html) do the rest. There's no need to have images that are mostly white (or entirely white for that matter).

    6. Learn how to use and apply CSS. It's really pretty easy to use. Had you used a stylesheet, you could have cleared up most of the issues above.

    Good luck!
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    I think it's nice.

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    For a start it is better , but is so simple, more image need ,

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    It is nice.

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