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    Dedicated in Chicago or New York for ~$100


    I'm looking for a dedicated server in either Chicago or New York area. My budget is ~$100, and the server doesn't need hot specs although RAID 1 and Window 2003 Std would be a requirement. I'm thankful for any directions!



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    10,574 might fit your budget.
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    Raid means 2 disk drives, which means more money over the budget price 'packages' you find online around $100. Also, Windows licenses will usualy run a bit more as well ($10-$30/month more) over the usual $100 dedicated server that can be found online.

    Don't think you will find anything with raid and windows sub $100 - in a dedicated server thats close to reliable. I'd suggest looking to a good VPS provider, a windows vps thats reliable with raid/backups should fit your budget range. If you must have dedicated with raid and windows you are going to need to bump that budget up a bit.
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    Thanks for your replies. Who can be recommended in New York or east coast area if you leave out raid and give it a 150 budget with NAS/FTP backup instead?

    EDIT: I need fast ping times from Europe and West Coast.. so I guess East Coast would be the spot? If not please let me know

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    You could do a software Raid and still have some protection, although this would obviously require two hard drives. It would be cheaper than traditional raid since the host wouldn't have to purchase a raid controller.

    Like the other poster stated, windows 2003 licenses can be expensive and often require more support (at least in our experience). If you take that out, you could probably get a really good spec machine at $150.

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    Try .. I know they have some deals in their 'server closeouts' section.. they're in NY.

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    Check out as well. Their boxes start from $59/mo I believe. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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