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    * PR5 arcade for sale, 1st page on google for myspace games! 1700+ uniq

    Hello everyone

    I am putting for sale, the website has a 100% custom website design, and loaded with
    1958 games, website has a PR5, below are the full details

    What do you get?

    1- High quality unique design integrated with Gamescript.
    2- PR5 website
    3- High ranked website for the very popular term myspace games (searched over 660 times/day)
    4- High quality traffic!

    Traffic Details

    1- Unique visitos: 1700/day and growing
    2- Hits: around 40,000 hit per day
    3- Most of the traffic is from the US

    Traffic screenshots:

    Monthly Visitors:
    Daily Visits:

    Here is where traffic comes from (According to Google Analytics):

    23.59% -
    24.85% -
    16.61% -
    16.35% - Direct (Returning Visitors)
    8.44% -
    24.85% - Other

    Revenue Details

    I recently placed YPN ads on the website, currently the website is making $2.9 - $4.9 per day on average, ADs arent well integrated especially in the inner pages
    you can also make way more if a CPM network such as Valueclick.

    YPN screenshot:

    Search engines

    Website as mentioned earlier achieved high rankings for the popular keyword myspace games, website is currently coming up on the 1st page on Google and MSN.

    Back links:

    Google: 180 backlinks, I have done extensivce link building, this data is from the previuos back link update, it should have way more when the new update happens.
    Yahoo: 2309 back links
    MSN: 2536 back links

    # of indexed pages
    Google: 10,300
    Yahoo: 629
    MSN: 252

    Bidding starts at: $1200
    BIN: $3200 obo.

    Payments via Paypal.

    Please post or pm me any questions.

    Thank you for reading.

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    $1300 bid recieved on

    btw this thread is posted on digitalpoint, namepros, dnforum, earnersforum and wickedfire.

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