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    Share Dedicated Costs Theplanet

    Currently renting 3 dedicated servers from theplanet(servermatrix).
    Two unmetered servers
    80gig x 2 with 6tb ->20mbit each(total 40mbit)
    Both 2.8ghz HT with 1gig mem sticks

    1tb server
    80 gig
    2.4ghz with 1gig stick

    Im not using full capacity of bandwidth less than half and need someone to share in the costs.
    I only run 3 websites on these servers and can provide bandwidth usage.
    Including my record of 2 years of paying for servers.

    All servers are set up with, ffmpeg, php, apache, mail (cpanel on one)

    Currently theplanet only selling unmetered servers with 1 hard drive 80gig and with 2.4 celerons and go for $259 each and this with $99 set up.
    The celeron goes for $69.
    Total cost $785

    Then you need to set everything up with service admin, so maybe add $100 - $200 for 3 servers. You could be looking at $1,000 Total value up front

    If we share servers, I currently pay $647 for the 3 servers including 2 cpanel licenses. So you would only need $325usd upfront. Saving you $650usd dollars.

    Next month it would be good to chip in for server administrator, who works hard and is one of the best!

    Please add me to your messenger if you're interested
    yim -> nslvic
    msn - [email protected]

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    why don't you drop a server instead of trying to share them? that isn't very smart if it's a productive server.

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    I might have to drop all 3

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