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    Hostroute reviews?


    I was wondering if anyone has had experience with ? We seem to be down quite a bit which has prompted us to begin finding another host, most likely As you can imagine we've become very irritated and are curious what others have experienced.


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    A search didn't really bring much up about them. They don't really seem to have any negative reviews about them... Maybe someone else with experience can post their experience...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dano1979

    I was wondering if anyone has had experience with ? We seem to be down quite a bit which has prompted us to begin finding another host, most likely As you can imagine we've become very irritated and are curious what others have experienced.

    Jaguarpc is definitely more well known at least here on WHT. Though's whois shows they've been registered since 2000f or

    I would dig around some more and hopefully come up with few reviews at least.

    Good luck.
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    Hostroute is big on and the owner, Gordon, has been in the industry for years.

    A quick "whois" lookup shows that they've been in business since 2000. I think this is a case of "No news is good news".

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    Actually I am suffering the same problem with Hostroute and am considering an alternative.

    I find my website and email go down at least once or twice every month. And it seems to always take them hours to get it back on line.

    OK, I know I don't pay much, but in this day and age I expect a more reliable service...

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    It's my bad experience with Hostroute which has landed me on this website when I was searching to see if anyone else has had a problem with them!

    I know people think they're cheap but realistically, there are other competitive hosts out there with better uptime.

    I used to have 4 sites with Hostroute, going back as far as 2002, I then went down to 3, then 2 and tonight i'm transferring my final 2 domains away from them.

    They frequently go down, and by frequently I mean on a weekly sometimes daily basis and you're guaranteed slow access to emails during the day.

    The Hostroute package, despite being more expensive than the Myqth packages are just as bad as the Myqth which they claim to be the budget service - it's still managed in the same way by the same people - guaranteed, in the old days it used to be Gordon answering all the support tickets, then it was mostly Matthew... Now it's a combination between Matthew and Michael - although when I say support, it's more a case of "try now" as a response with no acknowledgement of what the problem was.

    My current problems have been going on for 8 days, I raised the support ticket 3 days ago and the only response i've had from Michael Shanks is "This is being investigated". Approaching 4 days without my mail working now.

    Hostroute's biggest problem appears to be the lack of monitoring facilities they have - they're purely reactive instead of being proactive, and it always seems to be a problem with mail or server being too overloaded - and all of my accounts are on different servers which is so puzzling. I'd have one which would always be out of space (on a monthly basis) and it would bounce for days before someone told me and I contacted support to resolve it (and got the traditional "try now" reponse).

    Another problem I have is via the webmail on another site, I constantly get an "ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server" error - And I mean on a daily basis (this was copied and pasted while I was checking email now).

    Fortunately all of the sites i've had with hostroute have been non-profit and I don't have to answer to paying customers - although one of my sites was very popular (the one which hasn't been working for a week now) and it's prompted me to pull my finger out and say that enough is enough.

    It's a competitive market place out there and there's plenty of people who will stick to a decent SLA for a reasonable price. I've seen a great website which they have set up called which is only full of glowing testimonials - i'd say that it was a smart move to register that domain before a disgruntled customer did because on my searching tonight, I've found that i'm by no means in the minority of people experiencing poor service.

    Read the comments carefully by people who can post in unmoderated forums (like this one) and take the moderated ones with a pinch of salt - especially when the moderators are the people who run the site you're commenting on (like!

    In case you think i'm sitting on the fence, i'd have to say avoid Hostroute at all costs - there's better for the same money out there. I litterally only registered to stick in my 2 pence worth - and I can appreciate that Gordon has a long standing reputation, I can only speak as I find. If you want specifics, I have archives of my emails going back to my first sign up and i'll happily share support issues raised and less than helpful responses.

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    I ditched Hostroute over a year ago after regular problems. I posted my bad experience on here back then.

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    These issues relate to the servers we have at Burstnet (used for our US reseller servers and the Myqth ones).
    Our other services are run from servers which were not affected by any of these incidents.

    Therefore customers using our normal premium hosting or our Uk service were not affected.

    The reason we can't move those servers is that the last time we tried to move reseller servers half the customers were either unwilling or unable to update the name server IP's at the domain registry so we lost them as customers.
    As we currently make 12% profit we could not afford to lose that many customers so we have to stick where we are for the moment.

    Personally speaking my days in this industry are numbered.
    I am rather fed up of people constantly telling me how to runa business, like today when I had a conversation that went like this after we had to replace the hard drive in a server:

    Customer: You should have everything mirrored on multiple servers.
    Me: Yes we could do that but it would double or triple our prices, would you be willing to pay that.
    Customer: yes
    Me: What if all our customers would not? Then we would be out of business and you would be looking for a new host.

    Customer expectations are much higher these days and people want much more done for them.

    Because the market is mature it is what is known as a perfect market where price is the only real defining issue.
    Because so many hosting companies run at a loss in the hope that their customer base will be worth something in the future prices have dropped to the point where it would actually be cheaper to give away hosting than to pay for advertising.

    Then there are the death threats from the mafia and the constant legal actions either against us or by us because someone was posting all over usenet that i was a child molestor (turned out to be someone who had owned a hosting company that had gone bust and he blamed me for some reason).

    Its all rather dispiriting.
    Right now I am on holiday for a week considering what I want to do.
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    Oh and host hideout is no more or less moderated than this board. I know because I am a moderator over there. You should see some of the requests we get to remove negative stuff about hosts by the hosts themselves and the extent to which the moderators defend posters rights.
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