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    * Extremely odd CD computer problem, desperate help needed, urgent!!

    PLEASE PLEASE somebody here help...

    Okay, this is one the the most stranged problems I have ever experienced. I have an HP (operating system XP). I backup my important files from my computer weekly onto cd-rws. I have been doing this for years with no problems on my computer.

    However I had some data on my computer (saved in wordpad) which I needed to transfer onto my mother's computer. So I quickly backed up this data from my computer onto a cd-rw so I could then place the data onto her compuer. VERY VERY VERY simple. After I backed up this cd-rw I took it out... put it back into my computer just to make sure it burned it on there and it did... everything looked just fine. So I took this cd-rw to my mom's office... put it into her computer Dell (operating system XP) and went into her CD drive but the data wasn't there!!! When I open the cd-rw on her computer... the data simply isn't there! But it is THERE... I had just burned it onto the cd-rw before I left the house! I even CHECKED the data on the cd-rw before I left the house, remember!

    So thinking maybe her computer is screwed up or something I quickly typed something into wordpad... saved it... and then attempted to burn it onto the cd-rw from her computer as a test to troubleshoot her computer cd burning and make sure her compuer is burning correctly. But then I get the error message that says:

    "There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a writable CD into drive E:\"

    What on earth??? There is a writable cd-rw in the drive you moron computer! Frustrated I took the cd-rw out of my mother's computer and drove home.

    When I got home I immediately put the cd-rw back into my computer cursing all at the same time. I then try to view what data is on the cd-rw. But all of a sudden it is trying to open my CD-rw as an AUDIO fle and is trying to open my data as AUDIO and play it as music! I don't even have any AUDIO on that compuer... all I had was a text document saved in wordpad!

    What on earth is going on? WHY did putting my cd-rw into my mother's computer mess it up? WHY is my cd-rw suddenly being read a AUDIO???

    There is soemthing seriously wrong.... and it is with my mother's computer because I did NOT have this problem UNTIL I put my cd-rw into my mother's computer.

    Does anybody know what is going on? I urgently need to resolve this....

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    D*mn it! What is going on... could my mother's compuer have a virus which destroyed my CD and then when I put the cd into my computer it infected my computer?

    Because I just put in another cd-rw into my computer... I had just backed up data onto this cd last week and it was working perfectly fine and I just put it into my computer as a test... and I can't access any of the data onto it anymore!!! I have tons of very important data on this cd... and now for NO reason all of a sudden I can't access it!

    When I acess the cd-rw drive to view what's saved on the cd... it just shows an hour glass forever... nothing happens! What happeend to my data? Shoot!!!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cds.... this problem only started happening on my computer when I put one of my cd-rws into my mothers computer this morning and then put it back into my computer... nothing makes sense!

    Could it be a virus from my mother's compuer, is this even POSSIBLE?

    Please hep!

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    I just found the following info on google... that is the EXACT error message I get from my mother's compuer when trying to burn data onto a cd-rw... so her drvie is corrupt? If I follow the below insructions.. what on earth happens if I un-install the drive like that is telling me to? How do I then re-install it? MY mother has tons of extremely important data on her computer and I'm afraid this is unsafe to attempt the below? Because she has not done any recent backups... can't becuse I can't burn anything onto a cd to back it up!

    Here's what I found on google:

    The following error message may occur when you try to write to a CD-R or CD-RW if the driver is corrupted:

    There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a writable CD into drive.

    If the device driver has been corrupted, see the HCL to determine if the driver that is listed for the drive on the HCL is compatible with Windows XP. If you are using a driver from the manufacturer of the drive and not the driver that is supplied by Microsoft, make sure that you have the driver available. You may want to remove the driver and reinstall it if it has become corrupted.

    To remove and reinstall the device driver for the CD-R drive or the CD-RW drive: 1. Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl in the Open box, and then click OK.
    2. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.
    3. Click the drive that uses the driver you want to remove.
    4. On the Action menu, click Uninstall.

    When you are prompted to confirm the removal, click OK.
    5. On the Action menu, click Scan for hardware changes.
    Although Microsoft does not encourage you to use of devices that are not listed on the HCL, sometimes, you can obtain a Windows XP-compatible driver by contacting the device manufacturer directly. For information about how to contact your hardware manufacturer, click the appropriate article number in the following list to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    65416 ( Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, A-K

    60781 ( Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, L-P

    60782 ( Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, Q-Z
    If you change the CD drive or the DVD drive to direct memory access (DMA) mode from programmed input/output (PIO) mode, you may resolve this issue. For more information about how to change your computer's drive controller to DMA mode, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    310751 ( Device settings are hard to find in Windows XP

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    If anybody has bothered to read this way too long thread of frustration... ... I have found the problem.

    I took brand new cd-rws and tested it out and it worked just fine on my mother's computer. It turns out that the cd-rws I was using earlier were corrupt because EVERYTHING on both computers is now working perfectly fine with new cd-rws.

    The cd-rws I was using before... I had very recently erased everything on those cd-rws... and then attempted to re-use them and burn new stuff onto them. Could me erasing those cd-rws have ruined them and corrupted the cd's? Can cd's even become corrupt like that?

    VERY strange... anyone know?

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