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    Flash Development

    Good morning,

    I'll try to be as descriptive as possible with my request. We would like to have this job completed today, if possible.

    As we all know, Flash advertisements are becoming more and more popular on the internet. Especially for content and community based sites that are otherwise free to visitors.

    I am looking to have a flash advertisement BLOCK be displayed on a site. I wish to have the advertisement be semi-transparent at first, and slide on screen at the bottom of the page. The advertisement should be visible for all users who visit the site, despite their screen resolution. The location of the slide should be based upon the users resolution. The slide should appear from left to right and should remain in the bottom quadrant of the screen even if the user scrolls down the page while the slide is taking place.

    We wish to have this displayed not to every single visitor of the site, but to one in two, or one in three visitors -- not overly intrusive. We need to have the ability to rotate advertisement blocks being displayed. And it should be easy to update the block simply by replacing an image file.

    Please reply by PM requests. Payment by PayPal. 25 percent in advance. Experienced devs only, please. If you already have something similar created, that would be fine. Looking for a very competitive price -- someone with experience in making this type of slide and the ability to provide samples is appreciated.

    Potential for long-lasting business relationship.

    PM Requests only please.

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    Doesnt need to be flash and honestly would be faster without it. Thats easy with DHTML and css im sure. It's called a floating bug. To show it to 1 in 2 visitors? Add simple javascript or php.

    To make it transparent use css.

    Flash is being used too much these days and lags a lot of computers. Looks fun and great but how long with a user stay if the web page is too slow? - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Care to implement it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewebzone
    Care to implement it?
    No one has done it for you yet? The 1 in 2 visitors thing im not sure about as im not expert in it but i had someone do that for me for an ad about 6 months back. So i know it's possible. Ill bug them again. Other than that...ill go get the codes again...have them in refference somewhere lol. Actually i probably cant do it flash is your best bet... but you may want to ask for a dhtml/css/php expert charge may be cheaper, All i can do is the transparent and float effect - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Nobody yet. No longer an urgent issue. I just would like to have someone do it who has done it before, already has the code and knows what they are doing. I had a rookie do it and the result was horrible.

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