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  1. any reviews?

    Has anyone used There packages seem to be cheap.

    Would like some reviews before i go with them...


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    I was with them last month, no down time but i thought the server was slow as hell.

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    I'm also highly considering them. Some input would be appreciated.

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    Hi Fleccy,

    It could be due to your location to the server for example you reside in the UK area and server is in Texas it will have some lag time.

    I would have contacted their support if they have any improvements they can give you.
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  5. I've finally signed up with them... waiting for the account information... lets see how it comes up... will keep you all updated...

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    Their response times seem to be pretty good. I'm also planning on signing up with them in a day or two for a quarter.

  7. I'm finally finished with creating about 2 accounts (though i haven't setup the nameservers yet).

    The account creation in WHM is very fast.... never experienced this fast working in WHM. The upload speed is also great...

    So far so good... will give my review after a month or two.

  8. i mean to say 20 accounts and NOT 2.... thanks

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    I also signed up with them a couple of days ago, and so far I haven't been overly impressed. In two days I have experienced server loads of 40+, unexplained downtime (albeit about 15 minutes max) and just now I've discovered that all sites on their server now point to their own. I am considering asking for my money back, but seeing as all the reviews I've read of them have been very good, I may give them the benefit of the doubt for a little longer. It may just be coincidence, but in my experience hosts that start off this bad don't tend to get any better.

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    Amelie - do they have a money back guarantee? if so, how long? I would first look into that and then you can make a better decision about staying, at least until you get close to the grace day of the guarantee.

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    Yes, they do - it's 30 days, apparently. The httpd.conf issue (which is what was causing all sites on the server to display their own) was fixed in under 10 minutes, which I very pleased about. My last host took around 3 days to fix a similar issue... I will definitely be giving them a bit more time. I've been very pleased with the helpdesk reponses (no more than 10 minutes' reponse time - even in the middle of the night!) and although the server seems a little bit slow, I'm hoping it will improve with time.

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    Umm - They might be putting too many accounts on one server - you should email them and ask about the slow response time from their server. Also - as mentioned earlier - from what I read - they are in Texas or their servers are so depending on your location - this might cause some delay.

    I tend to like Texas location just because it is centrally located to the states and provides a nice balance of performance for both east and west coast.

    Please come back and post a more indebth review after you have stayed with them a bit longer. Especially if the issue with server speed improves.


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    Will definitely update when I've been with them longer, I just thought I'd post my first impressions that's all.

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    No no - that is perfect. Please don't take my last post wrong. I just wanted to also see how you felt about the company down the road and if you were able to get anything done about the speed. Being that your in UK and they are in texas - you might have some lag but if your customers are mainly in the states, then you don't have anything to worry about.

    I wish you the very best and thank you for the review. This is the only way I get to scope out other sites.

  15. I have no complaints about the speed so far.... i've been constantly uploading the files to the server since last 2 days and have no issues or complaints. The support response has been very fast till now.

    I think they have a single server which is very new.... about 100 sites hosted. I checked this with .... showed about 95 out of which 20 are mine....

    Lets hope that qoozz maintains the quality and speed....

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    I'm thinking about trying them out too. Anyone else using them?


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    Hoping for an update on Qoozz's service

    Quote Originally Posted by Amelie View Post
    Will definitely update when I've been with them longer, I just thought I'd post my first impressions that's all.

    Thanks for everyone's comments earlier. How's it going now? Are you still happy with Qoozz? Has up-time and service still been good?

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    Dear azw,

    I have been with for over a year now. I have a reseller account, and host numerous websites under my account (with Qoozz). One of those domains is an extremely popular Music News Website which gets around 10,000 visitors daily. I have never known my websites to be down, or slow. Upload and download speeds have always been fast.

    p.s. support at Qoozz is phenominal too, they seem a very helpful, approachable and down to earth company. If you wish to ask any questions re: our Qoozz hosting email [email protected]


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