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    CodeParser.Com, TassieIT.Com

    I'm selling CodeParser.Com if anyone is interested.
    Starting price is US $200 ono.
    It was only registered a couple of weeks ago.
    Registered with godaddy.
    Payment can be made by Paypal.
    Will sell to highest bidder, if any, up until 24hrs from now.

    I'm also selling TassieIT.Com
    Registered for almost a year
    Starting price is US $50.
    Same conditions as above.

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    CodeParser.Com - Starting Price $40

    I've decided to dramatically decrease the price, as I beleive it was too high.

    I'm going to start another auction for, with the starting price set to $40, running for 24hrs from now.

    This is the last time. If there are no offers I will keep the name.

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