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    Stay away from TurnKey (3rd iteration)

    Im am so disgusted and fed up right now Im going to have to post all the details later but stay far away from Robert's "revival " of Turnkey. I called him this morning to ask why the servers had been down since last night and he said they were doing something with DNS now but they weren't down before that. He actually tried to blame it on my ISP! Just a little background - we both work for IBM, no where near each other or in the same departments or anything but we have talked of it so he knows I can tell if my ISP is working ( especially since I havent moved my reseller sites over to his server pending the 15 day trial.

    When the servers were up today I brought up questions aboout what had occurred, his little star graphics with 99.9% uptime GUARANTEED inside them and what needs to be done to avoid this in the future. His response, well now he deletes any m,essage I post in the forums and he tells me he gives no guarantees regardless of what every page of his site says and is spelled out in his Support pull down menu.
    I was with with Robert when it was just him, then when it was whoever bought it out and and left us hanging and I came back willing to give him another shot and this is what I get. I tried to help all the new people as best I could in the forums as you'll see through my many forum posts if he didnt take the old ones down as well. Hell, we even chatted over IBM's internal instant messaging software. As best I can figure , guesstimate , may be way off, but he had 15-20 accounts and the server died on him. When I got off the phone with him this morning , ( which I had to look up in old email because he keep the email server, forums, support tickets and everything else on the same place so when one goes down everything is down.
    it wasnt till later in the day I saw a post that he admitted the he actually did crash while I was working on the server last night and coulfn't get in.
    He would apparantly like to pretend it never happened hence hthe deleteion of my forum posts , all factual , meant to help and didnt attack him personally in any way. I will post the deleted messages ( still deleting tonight) here ypo judge for yourself.
    I treid to give the man the opportunity to win me back as a customer and he deletes my forum posts instead.

    I'll throw my forum posts up tomorrow and my side of the PM's he sent me so you can judge for yourself.

    Bottom line - Ive had reseller accounts since before his first incarnation. I currently keep two active at seperate hosting companies and in all those years and companies ( including when he got "bought out" and they left us high and dry) he is the WORST. Anyone with business sense would be overly gracious to their customers after his shady past and anyone with technical sense would have known his server was down and kept his customers updated. He utterly failed at both.
    Stay far far away from Turnkey.

    I will not post his PMs to me unless he gives me permission but hopefully he is man enough to post them.

    This gave me a good chuckle to go to sleep laughing tonight - it belonged in a support ticket ( the support system as well as everything else including [email protected] had died.

    As an old customer , I got a 15 day trial so luckily I was able to find out and warn everyone without losing money.

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    Thats really bad, i hope you find another service your happy with!

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    It is simply not possible with so LOW prices to deliver a reliable service... so simple!
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    I expect performance issues sometimes due to overselling, its just the mania that robert seems to be exhibiting now since the crashing of his "return to webhosting" which is going to fail that surprises and worries me.
    He emailed , and I think also posted on here, that old customers got a free 15 day trial. Well apparantly that doesn't exist like the 99.9 % uptime graphics all over his site. He won't honor it. Im starting to think Im going to get my money's worth of entertainment out of this anyway.....
    Since it is a bait and switch - false advertising type of thing and its in writing here and his website I am pursuing it but it will take forever.
    Im happy with the 2 others resellers I have but if anyone has a "very good" recommendation for a third ( I like to spread them out and get redundancy on my important ones) please let me know.

    He apparantly also just set up a filter to bounce my mail back to me when I email him, hmmm how many email accounts can a reseller make? Im going to examine the headers, this could be some fun.

    Once again, this time for your safety, stay far away from Turnkey hosting.

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    1st, when you called me you you stated you could not connect to the server all day Friday, when the server failed Friday night. That was the reference to your ISP. However, if you are in a different time zone then yes it could have been all day Friday for you.

    The point is you cought me off gaurd, dealing with a hardware failure, moving all data over to a standby server is not many people would be able to do on a Saturday. If it were any other standard reseller host if they did not already have hardware standing by like we did then it would have been a much longer wait to get the server fixed.

    Just to give you an idea of the failure, the sectors on the drive are failing every few mins. The drive was detereating fast. I had to react fact to save everybody's data. The good news is the old server has not 100% failed yet but it was better to be safe.

    Why did I delete your post? Because I felt it was a personal attack and I am simply going going to have that on my site. Because of this I have strong feelings about even putting up another forum.

    We had a good track record of good uptime, 60 days before a hardware failure. Then we also had a good responce time to correct it. Less then 48 hours a new server deployed and a server migration completed.

    As far as your request to cancel we do not offer refunds. You are welcome to continue to use the service.

    99.9% uptime, that is my personal goal. Officially we do not have a uptime guarentee. That is my personal guarentee and I failed that one. I am sorry. This is what we are doing to help reduce this in the future.

    In about 2 weeks the business partner will be visiting the NOC to install the following hardware:

    1. A reboot switch.
    2. 4 servers

    One of these 4 servers will be setup as a backup server. That is with the simple change of DNS we can be back up if a server fails from hardware. The reboot switch will ensure we can remotely reboot the server if it should fail.

    In addition, I will be increasing the monitor to another system so I am better informed.

    Why I do not have a SLA? The price you pay is very low, if I paid a % to compensate it would be an insult. $0.50 ? That's the main reason. However, this is something I will consider in the future.

    Again, I am sorry this blew up, what I was trying to tell you is these issues would be talked next week but I guess I sparked you when trying to explain that. Sorry and hopefully we can continue to work together.

    I am not an *** or anything like that, just you got me in emergency mode. I do not do "customer service then" I am fixing things, etc then.

    I will also not keep this thread open, if you have comments, if you would like to talk to me more on this email me. I will not make any more responces on a public forum to you and sorry about everything.
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    Robert, I really dont know you, but you sounded genuine in your post and I am sure you can work something out with the original poster - it also sounds like the original poster is ticked - but, I am sure he is also reasonable and something can be worked out.

    But, let me touch on 1 point here:

    99.9% uptime, that is my personal goal. Officially we do not have a uptime guarentee. That is my personal guarentee and I failed that one. I am sorry. This is what we are doing to help reduce this in the future.
    I actually do appeciate the way you have/are handling this - however, may I recommend you change the graphic on your home page - as it clearly states "uptime guarantee" - and even though you may mean it as a personal goal, I am sure you can see why people may interpret that as a guarantee...

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