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    Seeking one cool dude or dudette…

    Is it me or is the freelance market over exposed as it seems that anyone can be a freelance designer/programmer nowadays the word is bantered about…
    I am seeking one cool dude or dudette that can work with me on a long term basis project by project. Some small, some big, some short, some long but the same results time and time again...

    Someone that’s fresh thinking, innovative and creative and most of all reliable and committed. Your skills should be exceptional in at least 2 areas and good all around knowledge. New areas of technology is a bonus.

    I don’t care who you are, how old you are or were your from if you think that you want to work with an equally committed, fresh thinking and above all prompt payer then get in contact at yahoo my id is the_contact_man

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    Are you trying to start up a project of some kind?
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    Do you have anything else besides yahoo? Like MSN or AIM? I am interested. My MSN and AIM are on there, sadly I dont have Yahoo (I hate it).

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    NuPixel - No statup here... I need a reliable and quality freelancer help me with projects and such...

    PPixels - We all have our hates... But MSN and Yahoo have joined forces a few months ago and you can chat to me over your msn chat program...

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    Whats your msn email?

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    i dont have an msn email but you can contact using my yahoo id via your msn messanger...

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    UPDATE: This position is still open if anyone else is interested...

    Thanks for all the replies...

    I clear it up i need a coder and designer with a eye for detail and understanding of new technologies...

    You have to be motivated and dedicated and reliable these are a must...

    I am looking for someone that is exceptional if you feel as if your the right person get in contact

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