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    * Dedicated Hacked With All Index Files

    I was working on WHM of my server sudeenly i saw CPU load was increasing and till when i understand CPU load was on peak of 160%. I tried to find out CPU overloading sites and found that my 4 populer sites were creating problem. I stopped apache and suspanded all 4 sites and rebooted server. After forceful server reboot i found that load was getting normal to 2.5%. I unsuspanded one of 2 forums but even i unsuspanded that forum was not opening (IPB). I logged into ftp suspecting some problem i found that index.php was only 45bytes i have opend index.php and found this text inside
    # i'm love kuwait 4 ever [ by kuwait hacker ]
    I found that all file name started with index were modified and had only this text. I restored that replaced files in mins and forums started working again CPU load was normal. I found that all 4 sites 2 image hosting and 2 forums (IPB & Vbulletin) got same problem. I restored all and sudenly putty given some message
    brodcasted from root server is rebooted
    and it got shutted down i guess that hacker shutted down or i am not sure support department of my server is not even there to reply my support ticket. My server loose ping since that message i guesss its shutdown.
    Any one can help me know what happned ??

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    Try rkhunter to check the server

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    i found same thing happned with some respected host here is the message i found by its administrator...
    Kernel was compromised on the server as someone managed to mass replace index pages of all websites hosted on this server.

    We have initiated restore process for all index pages but the rsync processes are taking some time to execute.

    We have last backup of 16th July and all the index pages will be reverted to this dates backup.

    Nothing else has got compromised on the server and FTP, Email service and everything else is working fine on the server. We have latest version of kernel on the server with grsecurity.

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