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    Integrate drag-and-drop shopping cart script with Paypal shopping cart?

    Does anyone know if this script or a script similar to it could somehow be integrated with the Paypal shopping cart? I'd really love to have something similar on my website, but have no idea where to begin to make it happen. Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Wow, that's a nice one. Well you should start by having a host with ROR (Ruby on Rails). Then you should get familiar with AJAX programming and play with the code provided in the script - add prices and some paypal code, and then play with the paypal shopping cart code to integrate it. I haven't used the shopping cart and am not sure it allows modifications but maybe it can work.
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    That code has nothing to do with RoR, its just a javascript library and you can use it with any backend language (PHP, ASP, Python, etc.) because just like any other javascript code, it runs on the client, not on the server.

    Since this is just javascript, you can change the backend fetching to do whatever it is that you want -- plug it into your paypal, 2CO or whatever since all the script will do, is send you a list of the items that are selected (that are in the shopping cart when the user clicks on 'checkout').

    From that point on, its just like any other script.
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    oops, I guess I overlooked the script - sorry fyrestrtr is right you can do it with ease.

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