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    Super Low Pricing! - SAVVIS, GLOBAL CROSSING, TIMEWARNER - $14/Megabit - Houston,TX

    We need to reach a minimum commitment - we have 4Gbps left to reach commitment - we are issuing a PRE-TURNUP sale.

    The following providers will be turned up once we have a committed 4Gbps of transit sold:

    Global Crossing : 10GigE Port
    SAVVIS : 10GigE Port
    TimeWarner : 10GigE Port

    This bandwidth is 100% guaranteed available, and 100% non-oversold.
    Once final commitment's are reached there will only be 23% sold usage over the total of 30Gigabit's.

    Multihomed BGP4 - $14/Megabit
    Savvis, Global Crossing, and TimeWarner

    Singlehomed Individual Provider - $14/Megabit
    Choose one of the three:

    Global Crossing

    Minimum Commitment: 250Megabits


    - Full 42U Rack - Houston, TX
    - 1 x 20A Conditioned, UPS backed Circuit
    - 3 Hours Remote Hands per month included
    - Unlimited Server racking and deracking per month
    $800 a month

    * Varying rack sizes available


    We need to get these 4Gigabits sold, so if you have some special requirements regarding your colocation needs - we are highly motivated to work with you. (including additional remote hands / management services)

    Server financing IS available in-house!

    ATTENTION: This is NOT limited to collocation only, we ARE accepting dedicated server / managed dedicated server clients who can meet minimum commitment requirements.

    Please email me: michael [at] or call my mobile - 713.962.5791

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    Can you explain: Server financing IS available in-house!

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    We can offer you server leasing through us in-house, rather than through a 3rd party lender like a bank, or leasing company.

    Basically, if you need hardware (network or server) and want to finance it over time, rather than do a full out purchase at one time, we can do that for you.

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    Is that $800 month + $3500 for bandwidth + server cost?
    Dirt CHEAP Servers coming soon

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    You are asking about colocation? It is $800/month for the full rack with 20A of power - then the minimum commitment of 250Megabits which is $3500/month.

    There is no monthly server cost, unless you are trying to finance servers to own them at the end of the finance term.

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    Only 3Gbps left to reach commitment

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    This offer is now available to any location that the providers above are available.
    The pricing is only available for single provider connections, not our BGP4 mix.

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