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    [For Hire] My services


    I'm willing to work on anything you have... if it's a simple fix that you need I can do it. If you need a script/server installed ie. game server
    I can install it.

    Some things I don't do:
    Work on porn sites, humor video related sites(don't really like em )
    umm... that's all I can think of for now.

    Script installation (ie. forums/cms, Member Systems) $1-5
    Script Installation (ie. WHM/Cpanel, Mail systems) $5-10
    Server Installation(ie. CS 1.6, CS, UT 02,03, etc.) $10-15
    Custom Scripting (depends how complex the site is) varies

    Want to learn a scripting language? $30, $14 up front... I'll keep this money, if you don't wish to continue being taught than that's all it'll cost you. What does this money go towards?

    Domain purchasing, Game Servers, some bills at home, and helping others out

    If your interested in anything pm me and/or add me via MSN:
    [email protected]
    Note: All payments are made via Paypal! Thanks
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