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  • I hate it, it was the worst thing I have ever done

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  • My life sucks now and I spend day & night fixing it but I'm not going back as I'm too deep in it

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  • I don't mind VPS but I would have preferred to stay with Shared Hosting

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  • VPS is the Way to go, I absolutely love it and its been the perfect solution

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  • I don't care

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    * Are you Happy with VPS?

    I see many problems on this forum about running a VPS. Myself I have had issue after issue, I don't blame the hosting company as it looks to be the same everywhere but setting up, maintaining and running a VPS is a very time consuming chore.

    I personally wish I had stuck with Shared Hosting as it is taking up too much time.
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    It's a great learning experience for people new to actually being able to control the OS. I purchased a VPS because I don't need a full dedicated server, and I need more control than on a shared box. Many of the OS templates ive seen take the OS your supposed to be getting and strip it down to nothing, which could probably explain your problems. Where did you get your VPS from? What sort of problems were you having?

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    I got a windows vps, its not about where I got it from etc but its about the setup and running time.

    I know what you mean that it's a great learning experience but it would be better to install plesk or cpanel on my localhost first if i needed to learn. Plus I have never needed to run Remote Desktop before and that has been fine as it is just like using my own machine althoguh not as fast and setup how I would like but again it's not something I want to waste time on.

    I'm mainly trying to find out what everyone feels after owning a VPS and not just my own experience. As I said; I see a lot of posts here that display many are not ready to jump to a VPS yet. I would have not minded to run a VPS for a bunch of new sites but not for sites that you can't afford to have things go wrong.

    I would advise any people thinking of buying a VPS to understand that it takes up a lot of time and resources. Just know what your getting yourself in for!
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