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    Paypal unauthorised access

    Recently I had a client, who decided they want to use my service to send phishing emails, I'd detected the CGI email script, saw what email was about to be sent and suspended their account.

    Less than an hour later I see a email from Paypal - the ex-client had made a dispute, (non receipt) I said I was unable to give them a refund as in the TOS and AUP in which the client had agreed to it said along the lines of "any bad stuff, and you're gone with no refund" - to put it in simple terms.
    Client later replied with really abusive context that pretty much made him look like an idiot.
    He closed the case.

    Next day - I see a dispute for unauthorised access - on the same transaction! (Here I am thinking you can only make 1 dispute on 1 transaction).
    I call Paypal, explain the situation.

    2 days later, paypal requests information.
    I give them the dispute number of the one in which he abused me.

    And today, I win.

    All over $8.

    Man I'm mean.

    But the moral of this boring story is - I read somewhere here that unauthorised access always wins - it doesn't, you have to provide information that goes against them, anything will do, such as the old case with abusive words, that allowed my win, as well as them using CGI email scripts.
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    It's amazing the work a host has to go through sometimes people don't realize. Although it's a small amount, it's good you stuck to your guns about it.
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    Unauthorized access does not win always... However, chargebacks always win. For example a customer decided he wanted to charge back the last 4 months of payment -> I had to pay $60 in chargeback fees for the $11.50 he had charged back !!!!! Paypal just entirely ignored my messages. Banks always decide chargebacks in favor of their customer so you can forget that. Nobody ever wins a chargeback case and you end up paying a fortune in chargeback fees for ridiculous amounts.
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