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    Need VPS for around $30.00 that allows adult content

    I need a VPS host that allows adult content. Someone recommended jaguarpc to me, but in their policy I read that linking to adult content is strictly prohibited.

    I'm on a shared plan at hostrocket right now, and they keep sending me warnings that I'm using 34% of their server.

    My site is a vbulletin forum.. if that makes any difference whatsoever.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Generally, most VPS providers do allow adult content. I would suggest looking in the VPS Offers forum, which you should be able to locate a few providers.

    Good luck with your search!
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    How popular is your vBulletin forum? e.g. how many users on at a given time
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    From 20-50 users on at a time, but we're growing pretty fast and I don't want to have to switch hosts once again in a few months time.

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    SolarVPS offers hosting of adult content.

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    I also should have mentioned that I need a managed VPS server, as I don't think that I have the necessary skills to manage it myself.

    Any more suggestions?

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    763 has a 34.95 VPS offer their vps's are managed. I am using them more than 5 months and happy with them
    Kind regards

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