Hi there,

I currently have a site that is powered by a script that uses PayPal for subscription payments. The script works just fine, but I'm not happy about the fact that customers creating a new PayPal account are required to jump through hoops to authorize their card for "expanded use" prior to being able to complete the subscription. The process can take 3 days to complete, so you can imagine how many customers won't come back to finish the transaction!

That said, I am looking into using a standard merchant account with a gateway (perhaps cdgcommerce). I have an email into CDG to see how their system works, so it looks like I will be looking for an experienced programmer to modify my script to work with whatever gateway I end up using.

I've also asked CDG if they have a codebase that you can work with to help integrate, so it should be a fairly quick project.

If you're interested, please drop me an IM, and I'll send you details on how the system currently works, and how I'd like it work, if possible.

Thanks, and have a good weekend,