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    CHMOD 777 Problem - Resellerzoom


    I want to run RAPIDLEECH script on my RZ website. THis script basically copies files from a remote server.

    The readme file says chmod to 777. I did on another host and it works perfectly but here when i do it gives me 500 error. SO i mailed them and they said 755 and 644 is fine so phpsuexec is enabled.

    755 to folder and 644 to files runs script but the DOWNLOAD part doesnt work. When the timer goes to 1 secs, it halts whereas on other host it works PERFECTLY. What should I do ?

    Also, are there any more scripts like this for the same purpose ?


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    Just a thought - good place to start when looking for errors - look for an error_log file in the same directory to see if the underlying PHP script (I assume that's what it is as you didn't say) failed, and why it failed.

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    Why not contact them and ask why this is happening? It is likely that it isn't happening due to the chmod...
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