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    *nix based control panel to add to existing operation.

    We have largely developed and use our own software for ordering, billing automation, support ticketing, dns and site building.

    The trick is, everything is NT/2000 based (we have a few cobalts), and we want to also move into more *nix based solutions. What we need is truly a "control panel" that gives the client ability to resell and manage server resources as allocated. Inotherwords, I mostly need the *nix server provisioning and client 'front-end'.

    Lots of 'control-panel' software seems to want to control it all -- maybe more than we need, and I'm concerned about integration.

    H-Sphere looks promising. Is this product flexible enough to use only the needed parts? Or is it kind of an all-or-nothing scenario?

    Anyone faced similar situations when looking for control panels?

    Thanks, Kelly Britt

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    Well, anytime you are looking for a control panel, its usually the all-or-nothing case. This is because a control panel is a complicated piece of software which interacts with many parts of the server, so by definition you usually cannot just work as if the control panel is just an extra human worker, because they usually demand clean installation and no aleration to the parts of the server.

    The only control panel that is fine with this is webmin, but it is not a hosting control panel, but an administrative panel.

    How tolerant the control panel will be depends on 1) what you want to do and 2)what panel it is.


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