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    * How many of you have been stolen by clients?

    I mean, could some of those admired members here who are hyper clever and wise also be stolen too, like the rest of us?

    and how much many do bad clients still from us?

    and how can they do it?
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    It almost sounds like you're looking for ways to rip people off; not to protect yourself from getting cheated

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    Personally I would never go after someone elses customers unless they came to me first. In which case they are probably unhappy and looking to switch so it is not really stealing.

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    from the two above answers, it s not obvious anymore if the question was , stolen by your clients, or stolen your clients away ....
    Both cases , taylorwilsdon i dont think he asked how exactly they stole money from you to do it, its rather can be answered without revealing weaknesses.
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