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    Needed: 2 @ Home Techs

    Web Hosting Network has been providing web hosting since 1996. We have built our reputation on customer support, and it remains the cornerstone of our business. Web Hosting Network is currently looking for experienced customer support staff who are interested in joining our team. If you work out of home or your a student looking to burn some extra hours......

    Its very important that you are willing to take the initiate to monitor the queue without supervision and answer tickets with the quality of customer service any company expects from you. Specially during the summer times, when I myself and my other admin, and Bernie are out of town and only have a laptop and 28.8k crappy connection to the internet.

    We are looking to add 2 people to our support staff over the next few weeks due to the loss of some of our staff. We are looking for someone with a willingness to learn and work in with a team.

    The following qualifications are a MUST:

    {*} RedHat Linux 6.2-7.2
    {*} PHP
    {*} mySQL
    {*} Perl
    {*} SSI
    {*} SSL
    {*} Apache
    {*} ProFTPd
    {*} DNS
    {*} CPanel and WHM (a must)

    Other Requirements

    {*} Good standard of English
    {*} Ability to work in a team environment
    {*} Willingness to learn
    {*} Good customer relations standard
    {*} Can work well under stress
    {*} Be at least 18 years of age
    {*} Can work unsupervised (a must)

    Looking for someone that will be able to monitor tickets / live chat during 1pm to 6pm Pacific Time during the weekday, We always like to provide a answer within 3 to 6 hours.

    WHN is a family based business, so compensation is paid on a per answer basis (not per ticket), all ticket answers get CC'd to a senior admin so they are always monitored. Per answer payment is based on your experience. Depending on your experience and how you handle yourself during the first 1-2 months, your likely to see a reasonable raise. As WHN grows, so does your salary!

    As of late, now that our network has stabilized since two months ago, the amount of new tickets per day has decreased. Average amount of tickets per day is anywhere from 10 to 50 tickets. 99% of tickets are "How do I" based questions.

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    Still Looking ?

    I am intrested.
    Experienced OpenStack Admin For Hire
    regular as admin0 on freenode IRC on #openstack and #openstack-ansible channels

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    I'm interested how can I get in contact with you?

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    I'm willing to help. I live in the St. Louis metro area and can help.

    The only problem I have with what you listed is ProFTPd. Haven't worked with it. Though, I'm sure I could learn after a little practice.

    If interested in my employment, please email me - [email protected]

    Or I can call you, either way. Just let me know one way or another. Thanks!


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