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    With a VPS what you can do exactly?

    Hello everybody,
    I'm confused about VPS.

    I think that a good VPS it is a fine solution for who want move a site that becoming great from a shared web hosting to a VPS.

    For instance:
    I've a site that is on a shared server and it runs about 5000 visit per days, so if I move this site on a VPS I've probably more resource, and I can arrive pheraps until 20.000 visits.

    VPS is not good for resell webhosting, but is good for 1 site that need resources.

    The next step is a dedicated server.

    What I saied is correct?

    I'm italian and my english is poor.

    Thank you

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    VPS is a virtual private server just a downgrade from a dedi and an upgrade from a reseller it's part of a dedi and on a VPS you can sell hosting, resellers and SHOUTcast if you wish!

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    Some shared hosting plans will knock you off if your sites get popular, on a VPS this doesn't happen. Also since you VPS is walled off, there's no chance an errant script from some other account will be able to mess with your sites.

    There are many advantages to a VPS, not the least being able to handle more visitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcgtv
    Some shared hosting plans will knock you off if your sites get popular, on a VPS this doesn't happen.
    Not true - it does happen if a VPS consistently overuses it's resources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mripguru
    Not true - it does happen if a VPS consistently overuses it's resources.
    Not to mention the VPS would just lock up anyways.
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    The main reason I got a VPS, was so I could put what I wanted on it, without having to ask the provider every time I turned around if they could install this program, or if I could have "such and such" mod installed, so on and so forth..

    I wanted the same benefits as a deciated server, at a cheaper cost..

    most people tell me VPS's are expensive, and that I should get a cheap dedicated, but what I have found is a cheap dedicated usually has cheaper specs, (processor, ram etc) and hardware thats down all the time, so a VPS was the perfect fit for me, because I wanted "dedicated like" advantages, but couldn't afford to pay those high $99/mo dedicated prices.... Any more then $50 is too much, and since I knew there was no way I could find a $30-40 dedicated server, a decient one anyway, that this was the perfect fit for me.

    so for me anyway, a VPS was the perfect fit..

    I usually have most people tell me I should have purchased 2 shared plans, or a cheap reseller, but there are soo many advantages to having a dedicated server, and since there is no way on earth I can afford a dedicated server, a VPS was the perfect fit.

    only disadvantage seems to be dealing with cpanel issues.. I don't know if its a VZPP specific issue, or what, but I've noticed despite the host, my available RAM and system resources vary so greatly depending upon the time of day, I just sometimes wish I had more "guaranteed" resources if you know what I mean...

    I mean, apache seems to always be down, or pop3 freezes and it has to be restarted, but like, without system integrity monitor installed, I can't seem to keep a VPS "online" for more then a couple hours, its aggrivating sometimes..

    otherwise, I've been very happy with a VPS solution so far I've had issues with specific providers, but, a VPS solution I still think was the perfect solution for me. if I can only figure out why services are always failing on me I'd be completely happy
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    Thank you for explain me

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    I think vps would be a good choice for you
    I recommend servint or powervps exactly

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    yeah, I wanted to go with servint or powervps, but the cost is what concerned me. Both of those cost $44 for their base plan, then jump up to $80 for the next, $40 would be ok, $80 is definitely way too much (can get a dedicated for that) so I was going to go with powervps or servint one of those two at their $44 plan, except the RAM is what concerns me.. 512mb guaranteed just barely gets me by with cpanel now.. the rest of the services run fine on low ram like that, but cpanel crawls on less then 512 for me, so the RAM is what concerned me about going that route... but those 2, and knownhost, were the ones I considered first thing, until I saw their prices... I mean, I'm sure there worth it, its just, more money then I can afford to spend is all since I don't make money off my site yet, its not popular enough yet haven't been running a forum and blog long enough to gain popularity yet, so you'd think a base plan would be fine, but so far in my experiences with cpanel, any less the 512 guaranteed makes cpanel crawl to its knees.. in fact I even have close to 512 now with future host and I still get service failures from cpanel and have to be restarted, each time they upgrade the memory limits on me it gets better, so I am finding most of my problems with VPS hosting seems to be RAM related, I don't know why (shrugs) I'm not running anything heavily memory intensive really, other then a forum and wordpress with a few plugins(shrugs) so I dunno.

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    On another abstract, VPS systems can be really handy because you get a lot of the benefits of your own userland but don't have to put up with hardware management. You can put a lot of the headaches in the hand of another administrator and not really have to worry. They're great if you're moving from a web hosting plan but don't want the dedicated server nighmare.

    Good luck!

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    With a VPS you can do everything but you need to learn to manage it and you have to completely learn about the solution you go with. Just have a look at different vps systems before choosing one. If a vps is not managed properly it won't even do well for "a website that needs a lot of resources", if it is, it would do fine in all situations.

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