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    Thumbs up High Traffic Proxy Network Profile for sale --- Don't miss this chance

    I am moving my server, so i want to sell my proxy network if price is right
    i have one PR5 and PR4 and other 2 letters proxy sites. very good value with high traffic. I am looking to sell this lot network, not single sites. but if you want send me an offer on single site, that is fine, PM me the price

    I am looking to taking offer for this network, minimun offer $2000
    total of 21 proxy sites
    all sites with good traffice from 20 visitors a day to 3000 vistors a day
    check the link to see the stat each sites.

    here is the sites detail stat PR4 , sites up for 7 months
    stat PR5 , sites up for 8 months
    stat PR2 site up for 3 months

    and just domain
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    Hi, whats the server costs for these sites like?

    Any revenue? (how much?) proof would be good.


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    i use a server about 100 a month to run these sites and other sites. i don't have all revenu stat, that will be alot of work, but estimate last month is about $200 i make from all sites.
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