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    Thumbs up eTechSupport, they are fantastic!!

    Usually we don't like to reveal our competitive secrets, but eTechSupport ( been so great to us, they really deserve a great review

    We have been with them for a little over 2 weeks. They are just wonderful.
    They assigned 4 technicians to us, and learned very quickly on what our expectations are and followed our instructions very well

    Within 5 minutes after we paid, 2 technicians was added onto our MSN They started to work with us right away! And the best thing is their technicians are with us on MSN 24/7. Whenever we have a question, or needed something to be installed, they are always there to help us.

    We are fairly new to server management when we first started, and asked a lot of newbie questions to the technicians. They have always been very friendly and patient, they took lots of their time and explained everything to us

    Their english is excellent too, We thought we were dealing with someone in the US when we talk to them

    Tickets for them were looked into and responded within minutes, livechat responses are very professional, and their price is very reasonable too!

    They have well exceeded all of our expectations, if anyone is looking for an outsourced Tech Support Team, We highly recommand going with eTechSupport!

    After you tried them, You'll probably be the one who's writing this review
    Thanks again EtechSupport!
    You guys has been wonderful!

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    hmm, just remembered, not sure if I am breaking the rules here by posting on this forum. Admins, could you move this post to the right place if this is not where it suppose to be? sorry about the trouble.
    Have a beautiful day!

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    Not trying to bash anyone but 2 weeks is a questionable timeframe in which to evaluate a support company in my opinion.

    When you have 3000 clients with 5-600 tickets a month I'd like to know if they still perform the same.

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    well, We are just posting our experience with them, so far they have been fantastic. if you search wht or other forums, there are also quite a bit of good reviews about them.

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    just looks like a paid ad with such a short time frame and the amount of praise.

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    ok. we do not receive any benefits by posting this review. We are just a happy customer, that's all. If you don't believe us, that's fine, we are just expressing our opinion.

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    hmmm based on your level of written english it doesn't sound like you're very well-qualified to comment on anyone else's.

    given your admitted "new"-ness to server management, i question your ability to judge someone else's qualifications in that area.
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    ok. Why are people on this forum so suspcious about positive reviews? We are simply a happy customer of theirs, and we have been with them a little over 2 weeks. From what we experienced so far, they have been really good to us. If you don't think we experienced enough and choose not to believe it, that's fine with us.

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    skatewhale, some host send people in here to post positive reivews about themselfs, that's all.
    Nice review, make sure to post an update after a couple months and let us know how things are going. Hopefully you'll still be as happy!
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