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    Question Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) support in DownTownHost


    I want to know that does MS Active Server Pages (ASP) is supported in DownTownHost.


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    It would be best to ask them directly but from their site it seems that it's a Linux based host and I don't see ChiliSoft ASP mentioned (even if it was you would not get the full ASP capabilities provided by a Windows box).

    Like I said, contact them directly for a better answer!
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    This isn't the downtownhost support forum...

    I can't fathom how you drew the conclusion that "Question Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) support in DownTownHost" should go in the "Hosting Software and Control Panels section"

    I also can't really fathom how you thought it would be a good idea to post a host-specific query on a public, unassociated forum.

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