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Thread: Web vs Mail

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    Web vs Mail

    From all your guidance, Im successfully running my Homebased Web Server. Now I have some queries, Kindly clarify me :

    My default Web Port is 80 in which all the web content is running fine. But when I installed a Mail Server Software, it automatically assigns the default port as 80. Since my web concent is already running under port 80, I changed this to port 81. It seems the Mail Server is running in my system but, Im unable to view the same in other systems.

    eg : is working fine. ( Port 80 )
    eg : , Ive assigned this kind of setting to my mailserver. Its not opening up. Am I wrong somewhere ?????

    Note : Ive released 80 and 81 ports in my firewall too.

    Kindly rectify my mistake.



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    Uh, mail servers don't use 80... ?
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    Do you mean "webmail" by referring "Mail Server Software" ? -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
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    Still Huging..... Help me........

    Thanks for your reply as of now.
    I have changed my port for webmail server from 80 to 81.
    I have changed my SMPT port from 25 to 26.
    Still its not fine.

    Web Mail = Mail Server Software



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    Mean you want to access the email via the web?
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    * OOOOO I found it.........

    At last my hugging got end.
    I did'nt install SMPT during IIS installation. Thats it. Now everyting is running fine.

    Special Thanks to :
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    for your valuable time and reply for my posting.

    Thanks a lot.

    Lets meet up next with some other query.

    Bye as of now.........

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