Guy, I need your thoughts.

What do you think about such load-balance cluster for hosting:

1) one director server. actually it is a big storage(3-5 TB) with high I/O capability.
2) about 10 real servers (without hdd, but they can have it for swap, mail queue etc) that share the disk space through NFS. These servers mount an image to root / from the director server while booting.

Technically I was able to implement it. I had as an example such
cluster of 3 usual servers with Cpanel and it worked....except of course
quota. I could manually set limits for users, but not automatically like Cpanel.

I don't have anything now, just have to wait a better time when I have resources
to try implement it again and solve the problem with quota.

My questions:
1. Any of you have ever tried to make a Cpanel cluster? maybe you have one already?
2. is there a way to make working quota like on a usual Cpanel server ?
3. is this idea viable?

Thank you