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    dreamhas been absolute crap for the last 2 and a half months. i've been with them for almost two years and the last 2months has been hell.

    today, ALL DREAMHOST sites went down at 7pmCST and they're still down (12CST).

    the uptime for my site has been VERY bad and its extremely slow at many other times.

    i've complained a lot and have gotten a variety of lame responses like "somebody on your server is using too much cpu...we've warned him/her, but nothing yet" and "it was network problems and they've been fixed".

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    damn that sux! i was almost going to buy a 1 yearly hosting pakage from them just now because there prices / pakages are insanely good.

    I think ill wait till there problems are fixed first.

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    you can come to #dreamhost on freenode to find out more

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    cool thanks i am in there now.

  5. #5 - looks like a plenty of pissed of customers. - they seem to be having network issues.

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    Yes, take a look at
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