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    JaguarPC:* First Impressions

    Well, I had an unfortunate event over at my other host so I moved to a new VPS provider I've heard great things about, JaguarPC.* Their prices seemed pretty reasonable and I liked what they offered so this is what I currently have.

    15GB Disk
    150GB Bandwidth (100mbps port, also had 1mbps unmetered option, but i wanted 100mbps)
    128mb RAM (planning to upgrade to 256mb for $10/month more)
    Interworx Unlimited domain
    3 IPs

    So far it's been great, I bought it on this past wednesday and have been satisfied ever since.* The network speeds are great, got 2mb/s on a wget from another server, not bad, also the server is as great as any other VPS I've used.* This VPS is especially good because I had an excuse to get interworx this time--my host actually offers it, and cpanel requires 256mb ram and I didn't have the extra cash in paypal.* I love interworx because of its features and it doesn't lack anything that I use a lot, plus it's compatible with cpanel transfers and backup imports.

    For support, they've answered my sales questions in livechat, and the support area is custom made for JPC, pretty sweet. The support reps are really nice and their English is definitely fluent and so far I don't think they're outsourced (could be wrong) which is most often a good thing.* They usually respond or update to a "Tech has begun working on this issue" status within 5 minutes so far, and I've had 4 tickets about various things about my account and VPS, great support overall though.* I actually had an issue with my email server and they helped fix it very promptly.

    (sorry my browser randomly puts in aterisks where i double space after punctuation, weird...)

    Two thumbs up!

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