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Thread: dreamhost slow

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    dreamhost slow

    is the dreamhost control panel slow for anyone else?

    the machine my site is on has a load of 11-12, and i can barely login.

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    Did you contact them already?

    Looks like server is overloading...

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    yes, i submitted a help request.

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    Probably some more file server issues, my sites are hardly coming up, and their Status page is down.

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    In case the status server is down again:
    DreamHost Status
    Network Problems Today

    We have been experiencing Network Problems Today, these are the same problems that have actually been happening since we first reported problems with our network. Unfortunately these problems have gotten worse today and are causing a majority of the downtime and slowness issues you are reporting today. These problems, and our attempts at fixing them, have been an ongoing effort. The maintenance Monday Night is a big step in resolving these problems. We are working on the network and all servers having problems, but the real solution will be the Monday Night maintenance. Sorry about the downtime, we hope to have this all resolved soon.
    - Sep. 8, 2006 5:45 p.m.
    Network downtime Monday Night (09/11)

    Monday night, we will upgrading our core networking equipment, which will result in some downtime of all services lasting approximately 30-45 minutes.
    We're expecting this to put an end to the network problems that were created by the power outages about a month ago..
    - Sep. 8, 2006 3:30 p.m.
    Oops! Temporary Status Site

    We had a little goof and this will be our status site until the other machine can be resuscitated.
    - Sep. 8, 2006 11:40 a.m.

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    yea it's been like that all day, it's their whole network, the server i am on has 1-2 load only and it's still slow as hell, i cant even use the cp smoothly and upload files ... check here for more "news" ... good i dont have my site there but i use it for developments and files ... i wont ask for too much from $10/yr ... i seriously wanted to pay the full price to renew ... but this made me wanna rethink again ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yyCC
    i wont ask for too much from $10/yr

    $10US per YEAR???


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    Quote Originally Posted by tpetersen
    $10US per YEAR???

    they OVERsell Tom

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    Dreamhost aren't that bad - really.

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    Out again right now.

    Dreamhost's explanation is a faulty core router. They have replaced and upgraded the faulty router, yet the problem wasn't solved (power supply problem now). Seems like a series of unfortunate events + possible subpar supports from Cisco. It does not seem like anything related to overselling.

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