Age: 3-4 month
Registrar: GoDaddy (free push)

Unique Visits: (avg) 149/day
Pages: (avg) 2662/day
Hits: (avg) 8921
Google Page Rank: 3 (Old Stats, Will post new ones if necessary)

Referrer Stats:
Mostly direct and google

Forum Stats: (as of 09/02/06)
Total Members: 555
Total Posts: 2585
Total Topics: 543

Average registrations per day: 4.27
Average posts per day: 21.05
Average topics per day: 4.27

Revenue Stats:
~$7/month from adsense

Forum Software:
SMF 1.1 RC2
Custom template (themed to accent's colour scheme)
Custom professional logo
Ad management mod installed. (allows you to control ad placement like on VB forums. header, footer, menu, after first post etc)
Arcade Installed (over 100 games).
Portal installed to add articles and other modules.

Ranks high for all moola search terms: moola invites, moola forum, moola strategy. Little has been done to SEO the forum but much can be done to boost additional keywords.

Reason for selling: I've had fun with moola but I have a lot of other projects that I'd like to spend time on. The forum itself is definately bumping, with a lot of repeat visitors and new users signing up all the time. With some tender love and care, you can really take this forum to the next level, I personally think it's there.

As you can see the site is unique in that it has almost entirely American visitors (Obviously good for YPN) and the biggest referrer is Google. The site design is semi-unique in that it uses the same layout as the default installation, but the graphics and colour scheme are unique to compliment

I have yet to put up a lot of ads because I neither have had the time to manage them and I thought that it would take a little from the site as a whole. I know a lot of forums that get cluttered with ads and it's really loses it's unique feel.

The only time I spend updating the site is about 2 minutes a day to check the payout amount and post it in the news section and look at the new member stats.

It's an auction and I'll start the bidding at $200. I'm not expecting a lot from the site and obviously am not placing the value on the revenue but rather the solid foundation it is to build a community of. I'll let it run for 7 days or until I see a bid that makes sense.

As always, if you have any questions please ask.

Revenue Details:

Sponser an arcade game. Over 100 games installed, $1/month per link. (Custom built so that you can edit it in each game screen. Can also put in expiration date and link will automatically expire)
Front page sponser links $3-5/month. PR3.
Hire someone to write a moola guide and charge for downloading it.
Traffic Details:

Mostly organic, from google and other search engines. A lot of direct visits from current members.