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    Alloted/Used/Cost - Lets figure out how much we truly use

    So I thought it would be neat to see how much of our packages we really use in space/banwidth. Please keep your format in the same I use below or don't even bother posting.

    Company: Steadfast ( )
    Package: Shared Silver
    Alloted Space: 1500 MB
    Alloted Banwidth: 100 GB/month
    Used Space: 704 MB
    Used Banwidth: 59 GB/month
    # of domains hosted: 3
    Cost: $20/month

    % of space used: %47
    % of bandwidth used: %59


    Company: MyriadNetwork ( )
    Package: VDS Value
    Alloted Space: 10 GB
    Alloted Banwidth: 350 GB/month
    Used Space: 1.47 GB
    Used Banwidth: 90 GB/month
    # of domains hosted: 30 or so
    Cost: $50/month

    % of space used: %14.7
    % of bandwidth used: %25

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    Hey Ross,

    Very nice and accurate data you have posted there it seems. Thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed comparison with us.

    It be great if more of these types of data can be collected and displayed anonymously and so on.

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    no one else?

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    I'll scrounge up a few shared hosting account that I keep for giggles.

    Company: Dreamhost (
    Package: Crazy Insane Domain
    Alloted Space: Disk: 25.4 GB
    Alloted Banwidth: 1289 GB/month
    Used Space: 68 MB
    Used Banwidth: 1GB
    # of domains hosted: 1
    Cost: $9/YEAR

    % of space used: %0
    % of bandwidth used: %0

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    Company: VPSLand (
    Package: Win2003 Starter VPS
    Alloted Space: Disk: 5GB
    Alloted Banwidth: 50 GB/month
    Used Space: 2 GB
    Used Banwidth: 10GB
    # of domains hosted: 1
    Cost: $25/MONTH

    % of space used: %40
    % of bandwidth used: %20

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    Company: WNS
    Package: Business
    Alloted Space: 15000 MB
    Alloted Banwidth: 300 GB/month
    Used Space: 8.31 MB
    Used Banwidth: 2.72 GB/month
    # of domains hosted: 2
    Cost: $5.45/month (with add-ons)

    % of space used: %0.1 +/-
    % of bandwidth used: %1 +/-
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