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    3rd party account

    Hi everybody,

    Have you got any recommendations on 3rd party processor? we're from china and due to lacking of processing our own MID(charback ratio exceed 2% just one chargeback beat us out) was shut down by and now we currently use it works well and payout on time daily. but we still need an alternative merchant account ,can anyone help?
    please send to [email protected]

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    anyone who reply will be highly appreciated, thanks!

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    did you try

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    Try as they have helped several chinese merchants in the past with good results.

    Good Luck!

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    Have you tried WorldPay? I believe they offer services to your region. But a 2%+ chargeback ratio would scare any processor, even a thirdparty one.
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    3rd party dont really ask you for your chargeback ratio because they control your money plus reserve, so i believe if you dont solve the problems with ur chargeback ratio its u loosing at the end not ur processor.
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