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    How can i get in contact with a manager @ zipservers?

    i am now refusing to deal with any of zipservers support staff i want to directly talk to a manager, owner, or somebody who is really in charge.. i have been dealing with a member of their support staff for the last week who me and my business partner has found out to be dishonest about the whole situation to make sure the server sale went thru with us. now we are 275 in the whole. I REFUSE to deal with their support staff i want to talk to a manager! is there any way i can? now i'm getting told to open up a ticket and not being allowed to talk to a manager. we opened a ticket and it was closed and lied in by the same staff member who has been lying to us since last week! do any of you guys know of someone i can talk to directly at zip about their dishonest staff members. this is really pissing me off because i liked zip i was getting ready to move over all my client servers to them also after i moved myself! help me! i do not want him getting away with this!

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    I see they have a phone number on their website. Have you tried calling them and asking to speak to a manager?
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