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    [WIP!] Website review

    Hi guys. I am currently in the process to start my own business, found my niche time to design ! *sigh*

    ********* See the Link first ! *************

    This is a real WIP so few links are empty pages.

    Please review entire site then tell me if it goes with an image I want to have.

    My niche is for developpers (php4/5, python, RoR, mysql, postresql) and for people that knows a little bit about hosting. We want to have a service which is friendly and persolalised. Something that is less formal and points more to the kind of service we can do (e.g. help to install a phpBB forum). We want to build a friendly atmosphere. That is the purpose with the forum.

    I chose vibrant colors to explain the diversity and also to show it is less formal. I added lots of whitespace to have a clean and attractive navigation but not aggressive to the eye.

    Keyword of some sort: friendly, young, personalised, "we have fun, we are funny BUT we know our job"

    All comments (good or bad) are welcome I off couse need to make things better ^_^

    thanks for help

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    I dont really care much for the color scheme. It looks like I should find an easter egg in that field of grass on your main page. Very poor quality pics as well. I just dont really care for it. I know I am not providing anything constructive because at this moment - I cant think of much to say. I do apologize.

    It does look like you are on the right track though. That is a plus.

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    Quality of the images is part of the WIP .... I have them with much more quality on my HD currently, didnt made an update yet.

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