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Thread: Cables needed

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    Cables needed

    I'm looking for 4 208 volt cables that are IEC 320 C14 on 1 side and IEC 320 C19 on the other, so if tou know any companies or providers from whom I could by.Obviousely i'm interested in good quality and also in good prices so if you have any sugesstions please hepl me
    thank you

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    I cant comment on these specific cables, I cant suggest any "brands", or places to get them.... If you cant seem to find these cables, you can always make them yourself.

    If you want to try to make your own cables, I would suggest checking out Leviton or Pass & Seymour, directly to see if you could order directly from them since they make these kind of connectors you'd need. If you cant find these items in a local home improvment store, you can always check an electrical distributor.

    You could probably get the wire from the same location where you get the cord caps from. As long as you can find out how many conductors you need, and what guage finding the wire itself will probably be easy.
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    Ebay? Ebay is a wonderful thing.

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