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    Sendmail Account List

    How can I count how much emails are in a domain...????

    Im using Sendmail, I know it stores this info in a text file, I tried exporting it, and open it in a spread sheet, but it loses the format.

    I cant install webmin in that server,... any other solution...????

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    If you're in a *nix-based system you could try

    frm [account] | wc -l
    The 'frm' command will list the sender and subject of each message in the account's spool file, then 'wc -l' (that's a lowercase ell after the hyphen) will count the number of lines. The result is the number of messages in the spool file.

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    Thanks for your reply... but what I need is, the nomber of accounts configured for each domain, like this: -- 16 accounts -- 6 account -- 37 accounts

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    ...this is an old Fedora 3 using Sendmail 8.13.1 , it keep the list of accounts in /var/mail/account.conf like this:

    # accounts for site:
    [email protected] interworld2
    [email protected] sma
    [email protected] dproperties
    [email protected] spartacus
    [email protected] trifund
    [email protected] ldmg
    [email protected] acct
    [email protected] systems
    [email protected] rgdep
    [email protected] research
    [email protected] reception error:nouser This user dont exist in this Domain

    as you can see, the "space" between the email, and the user name, are not the same, so exporting it to a csv, produce a messed file.

    I need a script the read this file, and produce a well writen table, csv, or something like that.

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    I only need to know how much email accounts are in a domain (they're more than 300 domains) once a month, for reporting purposes, Im new in this job, and theres no info about what each client is allowed (space, mail accounts, etc) counting by hand will take me a week each month.

    What I really need is a way for monitoring
    1. how much emails are in a domain (this is very important)
    2. max. space allowed for each account (if is possible, less important)

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