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  • Referral Script
  • Dancing Lines
  • Rainbow Text

Referral Script - $24.95
Our MySpace referrals scripts helps you help your users while they help you! The referral script allows visitors to your site to sign up to have their profile featured on your site. In exchange they use a special link to send their friends to your site. The more people they send to you the higher they appear on your site. Buy it fast - this popular script is going up in price soon.

Dancing Lines & Rainbow Text - $10 each/$15 together
The dancing lines generator creates a great, eye-cathing effect that your users can apply to their MySpace profile. The rainbow text generator can be used to create an interesting text effect that your users can apply to their MySpace profile. These simple generators also work equally well on blogs and other sites.

Glitter Text - $9.99
The glitter words generator lets your users turn dull and boring into sparkly and sassy. The generator produces animated sparkling text in any of 6 different styles.

Scrolling Sign Generator - $19.99
Allow your users to add an eye-catching scrolling sign to their profile. Yet another script that you won't find on every other MySpace support site and can help you stand out.

Poll Creator - $19.99
Let your users quickly and easily create a poll to add to their profile or send in a bulletin. This one is great for driving traffic to your site since everyone who votes in a poll or views the results visits your page!

Fully Loaded Turnkey Solution - $125 REDUCED PRICE
If you are looking for an extremely profitable turnkey solution, then you have come to the right place. Our Fully Loaded Turnkey Solution provides all the script integration you need for a productive MySpace Resource site. And guess what? These sites are making thousands today. You can start with your own site, which includes all of our scripts bundled into one pre-made and fully integrated site. Best of all, it's only going for $ 125 (was 150)

Custom Auto Train Joiner - $14.99
What an excellent opportunity you have. You can gain 1000-1500 MySpace friends per day. At the going rate online, often accounts get sold for $10 per 1000 friends or more. What's nice about this script is the super easy two minute installation of the script. You don't even have to understand what's going on. Just upload and start the script. Then watch the friends come rolling in. Best of all, it's only going for $ 14.99.

MySpace Image Host - $20
One useful tool MySpace users seek is a place where they can upload and hotlink their images. Our MySpace Image Host script offers you the ability for your users to do that. It integrates with MySpace nicely, as it features an option to display HTML output they can use to directly link their images on MySpace site/comments without having to know HTML.

Unique Layout Editor Generator Script - $25.00
The Layout Editor is simply amazing. Upload the php script to your server and you have instant access to a very powerful tool. This generator creates programs for your MySpace profile. This MySpace Layout Generator is unique and one of a kind. It runs on JavaScript and php.

Layout Stealer Generator Script - $10.00
The layout stealer comes in handy when viewing someone else's layout and wanting it for your own! All you have to do is find their friend ID and enter it into the script. This comes in very handy if you purchase our unique Layout CMS script. Best of all, it's only $ 10.00.

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  • Unique Executable Programs
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