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    Question Better server or server and new vps for site getting 70k/hour?


    I'm hoping I can get some suggestions for my situation.

    I have a site that's getting about 70k hits to http per hour.
    There are also a few other sites on this the one server that get reasonable traffic but not close to that.

    I don't really want to have many seperate servers and would rather have one server I can grow with or that should do for a while.

    First choice:
    I'm looking into an upgrade to a dual 248 opteron and 2-3g ram to host all my sites.
    Would that be able to handle this much load?
    This would be a big cost increase from what I pay now and if it's not going to be a big help I can't see a point.

    Second Choice:
    My second option is to get a vps with 1g ram for the site that gets 70k per hour and that will reduce alot of load of my main server.
    This may work out to almost the same cost as going with option one but whether it would be faster or slower I don't know.

    Which would be more cost effecient and faster?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    70k hits/h is only 20hits/s. First of all what kind of site is this? A pure html, php, mysql? Personally I don't have any customers that sustain that many hits, but I do have a few servers that do that many hits total. The servers are only AMD3000's with 1GB in them. Some of the sites are pure html, forums, even a few downloads and podcastings. The load on them hover around the .40 - .90 range.

    Personally I would do some heafty tweaking to your apache/iis/db first.

    Just my 2cents.

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