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    Yahoo hosting is killing me

    Hi all
    i want u to help me to complain against Yahoo hosting as they destroy my business?

    i'm hosting a web site with yahoo small business, and sudenlly they susbend my account and i can't log in to my website control panel, and my web site is Offline for five days

    i contact them ten times at least, and they very slow
    after asking for my info they said i have a problem in payment and i should call customer services to solve it

    i called them although i'm outside USA and i know i don't have any problem in payment

    but i called them to finish it

    for almost 30 min, and after throughing me from one to another, they told me that i don't have a problem in payment !!!!!!!!!
    but i have abused one of their terms and give me an e-mail to send to it

    i send them a mail asking for what i have done?

    i recieved a silly saved answer talking about payment and i can call them to solve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what can i do now, no one there know what is the problem and i'm losing a lot of money because my site is offline, i'm losing customers and reputation

    and i don't know why?

    so i want to complain for some one? do u have authority in USA to complain for Hosting companies bad practise

    please advise me what can i do

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    Does Yahoo have hosting solutions? i thought it was a search engine.... (kidding). Move along my friend, seach for specialized hosting companies, look for reviews here in WHT, and stick to the guys who know the industry.

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    Talk to yahoo, get the to restore your access, and then contact a good host, get them to copy everything over for you and then you should be ok.

    On the phone to Yahoo, just explain whats happened and that you are going to stay on the phone until they fix it. Good Luck My friend.
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    thnx guys
    i agree with u
    all what i want now to get my site and sure i will move
    but eaither on phone or by mail no one could help me
    and phone call cost me a hell

    o paid a 4 month hosting fees in one call

    don't u have an authority to complain for against this behavior?

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    The problem is there really isn't anyone you can complain to except Yahoo themselves (and the internet -- to prevent other users from the same problems).

    Your best bet may be to send them an e-mail with something like below in it:

    Good afternoon,

    You've recently suspended my account for a terms of service breach. I'd be interested in getting a backup of my content or account access restored just so I can retrieve my files as necessary.

    If at all possible I'd like to continue service with you however I'll need to know more details regarding the terms of service rule I've broken as I haven't received any other details.

    Thank you for your time!

    Just fire that off to them and hopefully it'll get settled -- the language barrier can be a hassle sometimes espescially when dealing via phone.
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    This is what happens when a company tries to get in to every market. Yahoo should just stick with improving there search engine.
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    The yahoo tool bar is killing me! Stupid thing seemingly comes with EVERYTHING you try and install now days.
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    I know how frustrating it must be for you at the moment, but for now only solution is keep calling them as well as do continue email correspondence. Get your access back. If domain is registered with them or you have important data for which you don't have backup than you may think about paying them again to solve payment issue which from what you say looks like you already made.

    But If I was in your position I wont mind paying additional to get my files if I can.
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    I am not gonna beat the dead cat again but basically we know what should be done to get your access back however. i do have some advice. When you are looking for your next host be sure to look for a host that has a dedicated support system or a host that is dedicated to hosting. Yahoo is a huge corporation when u call them or email them it will take days to email to proper department (if they have one) or they will just look at it and try to work it out for you w/o any experience or knowledge. Choosing hosts that are universal or do more than 1 thing may not give you the support you want. remember to keep this in mind: Pay for quality not quantity. Many hosts on WHT will help you solve that. just take a look at them. i hope this helps you in the future.
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    thnx for u all
    i will send them this message again although i have send them similar meaning

    but in general u have to have an agency or authority that protect u as a webmasters

    imagine that u woke up in the morning finding that u lost ur web site for no reasone
    and even u don't know hat happened
    in my country we have an authority that could investgate and punish companies for such behavor

    any thnx guys, this fourm is realy great

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    For your next venture look for a host with excellent support. You can actually do a search right here and find plenty. Since you were using yahoo small buisness I am pretty sure almost any hosts out there can give you a comparable package and better support. Good Luck!
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    thnx but in that time i thought they r the best and i thought wow certenly yaoo will be great

    but now i found all people critcize their service and me too ofcourse
    so i will transfer it as soon as i get it

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    this is the silly saved answer that i recieved today

    i don't realy what i have to do


    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Domains.

    Your Yahoo! account was disabled pursuant to the Yahoo! Domains Terms
    Service (TOS). You agreed to abide by the TOS when you created your
    Yahoo! Domains account. The TOS can be found for your review at:

    and provides in relevant part: "Notwithstanding anything to the
    herein, Yahoo may also, but has no duty to, immediately suspend or
    terminate Your Service, terminate Your access and password, remove Your
    Service from Yahoo servers, or remove any Content within the Service,
    Yahoo concludes, in its sole discretion, that You (a) have breached,
    violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these
    Terms, including any applicable Yahoo Policy or any applicable law or
    regulation; (b) have provided false information as part of your Account
    Information, (c) have failed to keep your Account Information complete,
    true and accurate, (d) fail to respond to any email communication sent
    to the email address listed in your Account Information, (e) are
    in fraudulent or illegal activities or the sale of illegal or harmful
    goods or services; or (f) are engaged in activities or sales that may
    damage the rights or reputation of Yahoo or others (each Termination
    for Cause) ."

    We take the operation of Yahoo! and the TOS very seriously. We continue
    to support Users who abide by the TOS.

    You are welcome to establish a new account with Yahoo! and Yahoo!
    Domains at any time, provided that your use complies with our Terms of
    Service. If you are concerned that your intended use of our service may
    be a violation of the TOS, we encourage you to review the TOS and to
    take care to proceed accordingly.

    We also encourage you to review our TOS:

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


    Samantha Thomas

    Yahoo! Customer Care


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    This sort of problem is the reason for the advice to keep your domains registered with a separate, reputable registrar (eg namecheap) and always to have your own up-to-date backups.

    Any problem like this, you get an account with another host, switch the DNS, upload your site & you will be up and running again in a few days (& frequently only a few hours).

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    Move to a hosting company, and stay away from buying it from a search engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VertuHost
    Move to a hosting company, and stay away from buying it from a search engine.


    100% agreed on this note
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    Well you should try to get your account restored asap, you won't be able to complain against them really, nothing will ever happen because of it.

    I would recommend that you moved away to another host

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