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    Ok, so if it sounds too good to be true, then most likely it is... So with that, I present... egigabyte dot com (sorry, its my first post and the board won't let me post a real link).

    Anyone ever hear of this before, or have any experience with them? I've been doing searching and can't find anything on them. I heard about them via a friend of a friend that has been using them for 8+ months with no issues.

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    Looks like they dont want any customers as their order link is not working.

    Error: Incorrect or Invalid seller id ( sid ).

    The faq and support page are both the same with very little information, and the contact page does not work at all. Also they dont display a price unless it's free (as displayed on there website ) "Linux server special $0.00 a month
    with one time $14.99 set-up"

    Take my advise and look elsewhere.

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    Yep, I'm not looking (I've been burned in the past by super cheap, fly by night places). I was more surprised I couldn't find anything out about them when (supposedly) they've been operating for 8 months or more. My friend is the one asking me about using them, and I basically told them that you get what you pay for. Just thought I'd post here to see if anyone had any info on them.

    And yes, their pricing (as I understand it from the guy asking me about them) is $0 per month and $14.95 "setup fee" each year. Personally no interest to me (as I said, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is).

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    0$ a month and 14.95 setup each year? Sounds like its basically a yearly plan which breaks down to ~1.25 a month. Doing yearly plans can sometimes be a costly error on starting out companies because you are paying in advance to a company that might not be there 3 months from now.

    Hosting is eye candy to people wanting to make money but little do they know it goes FAR beyond the panel and deep into the server to make a hosting company even begin to function on a performance level worth spending money on for a year of service.

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    This website looks to me like a business managed by childrens... Low quality website, impossible pricing, private whois... but is allways up to you. I wouldnt aquire anything from them.

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