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    DNS time problem ,

    Hello ,

    why our dns are very slow ?
    please check this link :
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    Did you actually read all the output from that link? It did tell you all of the problems!

    I'd do the following:
    1. setup a nameserver with a .info extension and use that instead of your current nameservers at both the registrar and in your own NS records for the domain. This will get rid of 371ms which is worthwhile!
    2. fix your delegated nameservers ( to be the same as your NS records (
    3. fix the timeout at or delete it as a nameserver

    To explain in a little more detail -

    When you registered the domain, you set up nameservers of * When you actually setup hosting for the domain, you set up DIFFERENT nameservers of ns15/ This won't be helping and some old versions of Bind (ok ancient versions) may not be able to resolve your domain.

    The biggest problem is the timeout at - it's set up as a nameserver at the registrar but doesn't know about, so there's a potentially *long* timeout happening when users access that nameserver.

    When your domain's nameservers have the same TLD (ie .info in this case) as the domain being resolved, the TLD nameservers (ie the nameservers for .info in this case) return the actual IP address of the nameservers for This is called "glue". If the nameservers have different TLDs (in this case, dns7/ and ns15/ both have .com endings) this glue will not be returned which means several other lookups have to be done.

    Try - it does tell you a lot more, most of which I agree with.
    Click here for a full check. The first two red entries are the ones to worry about - and the fact that the nameservers differ.
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    Thank you for your information .
    Ban Giay nam gia re
    Ban Giay luoi nam gia re

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