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    * PHP Post Max Size & Upload Max Size

    I have a web application that allows users to upload some pictures from their computer... usually 5-10 pictures max. With the advent of larger megapixel cameras that produce pictures 10+ megabytes, teamed with internet users who don't know how to resample down an image or just plain don't want to... I need to accomodate such large uploads and hence my current PHP Max Post Size limit and Max Upload Size limit aren't high enough.

    My question is... Is it relatively safe to increase the Max Post Size to say 100 mb and increase the max upload size to say 80 mb? This is much more than my current 16mb and 4mb respectively. Or should I just increase the limits and not think twice? Thanks for your valued opinions. Take care.
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    as for my opinion It should not be a problem if you have enough ram on your server. something like 2-3Gb. Haven't ever seen such limits

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    As long as you don't have too many people uploading at the same time, I don't think it will be a problem to increase your limit up to 100MB.

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    Personally, I think 100mb is too high for this application. An image of size 100mb would never be workable anyway, and certainly shouldn't be uploaded to a webserver even at today's internet speeds. If the limit is for a batch of images, then I have less of a problem - but still, 25mb images are also pretty unworkable. Most cameras these days generate images, I'd guess, between 500k - 1.5mb (consumer) and up to 5-10mb for professional high-quality images (unusual, probably).

    From a purely technical point of view, there's no problem with uploading 100mb, of course, but that's not the point at issue here. You want to set things up so users can't do stupid things - and uploading a 100mb image file is stupid! Uploading 4 x 25mb files is also questionable and will have them sitting there a long time, thinking your site is broken. Just my opinion here.

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