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    * The Web Standards Project, Phase 2

    The webstandards project has reopened, with a revised mission statement. For those unfamiliar with this organization, they're dedicated to making browser companies and now web developers conform to open standards for content delivery.

    Anyone who tried to develop a cross browser website should find this interesting. It is to the point where developers can feel free to develop sites using the W3's open standards, and not feel like they are alienating any of their visitors. As a matter of fact, sticking to standards enables website delivery to a multitude of devices and non-traditional browsers. It's great for accessibility, future proofing, and best of all, using the standards saves on development time.

    I invite you all to read that site and post any questions you may have about using these standards to build sites.

    Keep in mind that this project has already had a significant impact on the adoption of these standards. If you fire up Dreamweaver MX, you'll see that it can now create completely compliant code (XHTML 1.0 Strict if you'd like). They have a huge influence, and I for one hope they succeed.

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    great, I have been waiting for these guys to repoen.........

    although I dont see standards compliance within the browser companies for another few years..........if ever........

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    We got close...but when the standards group went away, and Microsoft pretty much owned the browser market...there was no incentive to be compliant .

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